Hello Friends!

Since it’s already August, the beginning of school is just around the corner. It’s hard to go back to school after a whole summer of being away, so Personal Creations has collected a bunch of fun, cute printable lunch box jokes that will help make the school days a little easier for the kids! Start the school year off right with back to school jokes, and then throw in an adorable giraffe joke when they're having a long week.

The math jokes are great for the days when the little ones have tests, and the sports jokes are perfect for a game day. There are also blank printables included, so you can include your own special message or joke they'll cherish.

Even though kids are never ready to go back to school, they'll get a kick out of these printable lunch box jokes. It’s also a new fun element to making their lunch!

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy the free printables from Personal Creations!