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Well it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so let's do this!  Cold chilly air in December calls for lots of movie nights so I put together a few simple things to spiff up your movie treat box.  This post is focusing on something fun for the kids and they are always excited for movie nights so I spruce up the treat box and not use the commonly used boring white popcorn bucket labeled POPCORN!  I'm feeling this clear plastic caddy from Amazon that I DIYed with letter decals to spell out the words Movie Night and added a cute little bow to complete the look.  Who would have thought that a cutlery caddy would made a fantastic movie treat box holder.  I thought of numerous favorite snacks to chew on while watching a movie  but i narrowed it to just a few and probably not the healthiest snack but sure was yummy for the tummy.

You will need:

Clear cutlery Caddy
Drink Bottle and Straw (Drink of your choice)
Gumball or Candy
A fun toy

Now that seasonal stuffs are out at every store I chose a Christmas themed  Movie box with goodies.  You can get very creative with this considering the caddy has four compartments.  I used the largest for popcorn and the other three for snacks and drink.  A milk size bottle will fit easily and securely in any of the three small compartments. Fill it up with a refreshing drink, we did strawberry lemonade because that is our favorite drink. This is effortlessly handled and no spill of drink or food, very sturdy and works for a toddler too.  Our movie night was a success! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you here in my next one!  Enjoy the photos and I hope you're inspired to try this DIY and say goodbye to boring movie night treat boxes.  


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