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Christmas Movie Night DIY Treat Tray

Hello friends!

So excited to let you know........

Snowflake Ball (Lace Up Your Skates)

Hello Friends!

What is your favorite thing to do in Winter with your kids?  We like to grab our skates and go Ice skating!  It's so fun and to welcome the season and my daughter first skating class we had a mini skating party to celebrate her new adventure.  You don't need a whole village to throw a party two or a few more are good enough.  This party is for four sweet little girls that are super excited to lace up their skates.  If it doesn't snow in your area no worries I have some great inspiration to share with you that looks like a snowy affair.  I setup a little dessert area on the fireplace mantle with her favorite vanilla cupcakes, naked cake and gum balls.  It's super cute in the hues of lilac and teal so precious along with sparkling white snow.  We sent out out darling invitation designed  by A Lovely Design to our little skater friends to invite them to winter wonderland.  You an skating all year round in a skating arena but we like the fun of snow falling, maybe even catching a deer or two at the corner of our eyes, in other words we love the good old fashion outdoor skating rink.  I'm more than thrilled to shared these photos with you to see how the day unfolds.  

Gather With Us Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hello Friends!

Hoping that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with their love ones.  This post came a little later than I was hoping for it to go live but better late than never.  A year that flew by so swiftly and I can barely keep up with everything, It's unbelievable that Christmas is right around the corner.  I got a reality check that I host Thanksgiving every year and needed to get things sorted and make those decisions of color scheme and theme etc.   I know it had to be simple and easy considering it's super last minute planning. Here are some photos of the table-scape. Enjoy!

Give Thanks Bar Cart

Hello Friends!

So excited the holiday season is here and my first home decor project of the season is styling my bar cart with some of the cutest finds from Target.  I love white pumpkins and I my inspiration for a neutral color scheme from these adorable pumpkins and added a little pop of colors with glitters. Who doesn't like a glass of good wine?!  Having a a bar cart is a dream come true for me because I love to style it for every season or holiday and with the affordable decor piece you can pick up at Target's Bullseye Playground it has made it even more easy to jazz up this cart.  

I like to get together with my friends before Thanksgiving to reflect and share all the fun we've had over the past months and sharing laughter.  

Let's get into it and be sure to grab a cup of coffee or tea and get inspired.  This Drink Up glitter banner is from my and most of you favorite spot, #targetdollarspot as most of us call it on Instagram.  Its sparkles and covered with several different colors glitter.  Everything is prettier and more fun with some glitter, at least for me!  

On he top of the cart i I place stunning stem-less wine glasses with cheers stirs and a cute sign, two bottles of wine, and a gratitude tree to get my friends engage with a little activity. 

Creative Girls Gather

Hi friends!

I'm excited to let you know that myself and my  friend Nicole from The Party Porch had a successful first of many to come Creative Girls Gather workshop. If you're following me on Instagram you already know what I'm talking about.  We saw the need to get creative like minded girls together to create and express their creativity here in Chicago and that happened this past weekend.  It was a day filled with amazing people in a charming party place, Festive Collective.  If you haven't visited this spot of pure joy please hurry on over.  Are you ready for the highlights of how the day unfolds?  I'll jump right into it, without further ado we had awe-inspiring designers from Target to lead the DIY projects.  The ladies got their creative on that crafter-noon and  decorated some stunning banners from Spritz brand and Modern Handmade planters. 

When we aren't painting or making pompom from yarn we are chatting, snacking on small bites and  sipping a refreshing drink.  Lets jump into the fun part and see in these lovely photos.  It's true picture is worth a thousands words or more.  

These pretty cookies with our logo are the best.  They are not just beautiful and well detailed but also delicious.

Fairy In A Secret Garden Party

Hello friends!

Today I'm taking you to fairy land in a secret garden.  My sweet daughter turned five years old last week and celebrated her birthday with her little fairy friends in a sweet, delicate and whimsical setting.  When I started brainstorm the theme of this party ideas were bouncing off the walls.  I imagine a beautiful garden with some vintage decor along with whimsy would be fantastic.  I first roll out all the possibilities and check marked my ideas that I'm certain I can make a reality.  The most challenging one of them all is the idea of sitting the cake on a swing. I thought it would be a perfect idea and would be the focal point of the dessert table.   My girl loves to be on the swing at the park so she immediately jumped for joy when I told her I will make her cake sit on a swing.  I can hardly believe how time flies by and my beautiful baby girl can express her likes and dislikes and she secretly shared her favorite things she would like to see at her party from her fairy story book.  I  love the fact that she's very girly and believes in all things magical, i hope that never changes.  Her favorite color is pink which seems pretty normal for a toddler girl and most girls even me; therefore pink is in for sure. We had used many pretty colors along with pink in the past so we choose a pastel shade of yellow to pair with hues of light and bright pinks for a pop of color and a cool ombre effects.  These colors are so pretty, warm and welcoming for little fairies.  Now that the colors and ideas were in place it was easy to sprinkle pixie dusts of  gold and pink glitters to bring the vision to life.  

To make a whimsical statement this is what I did.  I placed the little ones table in the center of a topless canopy drape with white sheer curtains along with a chic white chandelier hanging above the center of the table. I couldn't have thought of a better idea and  I'm so thrilled to show you guys the kids table covered with yellow chiffon table cloth and  kiddie size chiavari chairs  with a fairy wing on each chair.  Isn't this so precious and  gorgeous?!